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The Tavern

[Pinned] Tavern Raider Alliance

UPDATE: New version is now has unlimited invites with and does not expire.The Tavern Raider Alliance is now open for any Americas & Oceania Alliance characters.
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

My Fire Mage WeakAuras - Work inProgress

This is a work in progress. These are the import strings. More details to come.CombustiondGZvdaGAckTEij2LiY2GK0SH6McfFti1ojQ9Q2ns7xOYpLqdtO04ie9Bkgkbfdwiz4qQdsiDkcsogPCorYcPKUnelgsSCj9qrupfSmrQNl1PrmvsMSenDuxKq4zeQUmvxxWgjiARee2SqSDI0hfbhwutte67e...
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The Tavern

Sandstone Drake-Mats to get if you want one

I can now make a Sandstone Drake if you want one. This is one of the few mounts that allows one passenger to ride with you. Here's the list of the mats needed: Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vail (Purchased) 8 Sands of Time (Purchased) 12 Truegold (Al...
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

Pre-Patch 8.0. – Content Schedule

July 17 – Week 1 Class changes, talent changes, interface changes, model updates, artifact downgrade – everything but lore. This is the week when we get adjusted to our new gameplay and see whichever achievement, visuals and interface changes are...
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The Tavern

Patch 8.0 - Preparing for the Expansion?

Sooo, how do we prepare for the Expansion. I've been playing catch-up and looking through Blizzard's site and haven't a clue.
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

Rainbow Generator

Here is the info on the Rainbow Generator Hammered and I were using yesterday.This was actually a Cataclysm quest chain that starts in Felwood. Do the Imp-Possible See the Invisible Touch the Untouchable Break the Unbreakable Open Their Ey...
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

Getting the Doomsayer's Robes

Right now, before the expansion, it's easier to sneak into Orgrimmar to grab the Doomsayer's Robes toy from Charles GastlyUpdate - Might be better to go Horde "If you're Alliance, use a Horde alt to get this toy. The equivalent NPC (Gordon MacKell...
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern


This is a work in progress. Slowly putting it together as I go.( I expect 8.0 to break a few of these for a few days too )- - - The Basics - - -These are the basic addons that I use at every level.Pawn ...
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

12 Cool Things Coming in Patch 8.0 (YouTube Video)

I like to embed these things because it bypasses the ads. 😀
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

End-Of-Expansion money making with crafting

Pulled this snippet from an article from WowheadAt the end of every expansion players dump mats at bottom barrel prices and we can take advantage of it. In Mists it was, Cloaks, in WOD it was Alchemical Catalysts, Herbs, and Savage Bloods. What wi...
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

Demon Invasion times

Just dropping this someplace where I can find it.
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The Tavern

FATBOSS BiteSize Guide - Normal & Heroic BiteSize Emerald Nightmare

Two Minute Guide for Each Emerald Nightmare Boss Nythendra of Nightmare Renferal https://www.yo...
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

Want a chance to win a Mount? Post here.

Want a chance to win one of any of the 10 mounts available from the Blizzard mount sale, including the Warforged Nightmare?'m giving away a mount of your choice on January 1st.Just post your guild charac...
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

Instructions for the "Win a mount contest"

Two chances to win one, of your choice, of any of the 10 mounts available from the Blizzard mount sale.Requirements for your first chance to win a mount. (easy)1. Be a member in good standing with “Red Skies at Night” guild2. Have a website accoun...
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

Want a successful raid?

A sample career At start, new players usually spend a lot of time playing alone or questing in small groups of fewer than five players. Sooner or later, the next step is to run small instances with groups of five (the Instance grouping guide helps...
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The Tavern

How to Tank for Dummies: Paladin 7.0 Guide

Starting to work on my Paladin Pinkington as Protection, so I'm just going to put this here to watch later.
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

FATBOSS - Normal & Heroic Guide to Trial of Valor

Here are the Trial of Valor guides every raider should check out.
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

Pointless Top 10: Things in Val'Sharah

Testing how embedded videos are displayed.
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Elune & Gilneas Tavern

Tool Tips

Just verifying tool tips still work..old - The 1 Ringand new - Cord of Infinity
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The Tavern

Star Citizen

Hey JP, are you still looking into SC, it says you have been inactive for 10 months. I think I am the only one active there at the moment. They have held several concept sales the latest and current is the Vanguard. It looks like a melding of a P3...
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