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This is a work in progress. Slowly putting it together as I go.
( I expect 8.0 to break a few of these for a few days too )

- - - The Basics - - -

These are the basic addons that I use at every level.

  • Pawn helps you find upgrades for your gear and tell which of two items is better for your spec.
  • 8.0 pawn string for fire mages (source)- ( Pawn: v1: "PvE-Mage-Fire-Noxxic": Class=Mage, Spec=2, CritRating=7.52, MasteryRating=6.02, HasteRating=4.37, Intellect=9.02, Versatility=4.52)

- - - Dungeon & Raids - - -

  • Grid is the original compact unit frame addon. The compact grid of units lets you select a group member quickly, while keeping a good overview of the whole group. Grid is designed to show you only what you need to know, and not overload you with irrelevant information.
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

- - - PVP - - -

H.H.T.D. ( Healers Have To Die! )
  • In World of Warcraft healers have to die. This is a cruel truth that you're taught very early in the game. This add-on helps you influence this unfortunate destiny one way or another depending on the healer's side...
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) - PvP Mods
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Found this on an older Reddit Thread : Lesser Known" Addons You Can't Live Without - 7.2 Edition
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