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July 17 – Week 1
  • Class changes, talent changes, interface changes, model updates, artifact downgrade – everything but lore.
  • This is the week when we get adjusted to our new gameplay and see whichever achievement, visuals and interface changes are in sleeve.

July 24 – Week 2
  • War of Thorns – Part 1. This is the plot event, dedicated to Ashenvale and Darkshore questline.
  • We see the first step of the Horde offensive in night elven lands and get an access to world quests with gear, gold and whatever other rewards.

July 31 – Week 3
  • War of Thorns – Part 2. This is the sequel of the plot event, that will end up with burning of Teldrassil, a presumably stunning and epic cinematic and acquiring the pair of event mounts (Undercity bat for the Horde and Teldrassil dark hippogriff for the Alliance).

August 7 – Week 4
  • The Siege of Lordaeron. Those of us who purchased Battle for Azeroth expansion will get access to the Siege of Lordaeron scenario.

August 14 – Expansion Release
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