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The Tavern

[Pinned] Tavern Raider Alliance

UPDATE: New version is now has unlimited invites with and does not expire.The Tavern Raider Alliance is now open for any Americas & Oceania Alliance characters.
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The Tavern

Sandstone Drake-Mats to get if you want one

I can now make a Sandstone Drake if you want one. This is one of the few mounts that allows one passenger to ride with you. Here's the list of the mats needed: Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vail (Purchased) 8 Sands of Time (Purchased) 12 Truegold (Al...
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The Tavern

Patch 8.0 - Preparing for the Expansion?

Sooo, how do we prepare for the Expansion. I've been playing catch-up and looking through Blizzard's site and haven't a clue.
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The Tavern

FATBOSS BiteSize Guide - Normal & Heroic BiteSize Emerald Nightmare

Two Minute Guide for Each Emerald Nightmare Boss Nythendra of Nightmare Renferal https://www.yo...
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The Tavern

How to Tank for Dummies: Paladin 7.0 Guide

Starting to work on my Paladin Pinkington as Protection, so I'm just going to put this here to watch later.
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The Tavern

Star Citizen

Hey JP, are you still looking into SC, it says you have been inactive for 10 months. I think I am the only one active there at the moment. They have held several concept sales the latest and current is the Vanguard. It looks like a melding of a P3...
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The Tavern


I've basically deleted all of the default setup forums in order to streamline our communication.The Tavern forum is a multi-chapter forum, and most others will be dedicated to individual chapters as needed.Please let me know if you would like to h...
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