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(May 04, 2017)
Gul'Dan again tonight. Lets get some fancy loot!
(Apr 21, 2017)
Great work Raid Team! Heroic Gul'Dan Down
(Apr 19, 2017)
9/10 Heroic Nighthold in 3 hours including breaks last night. Great Job Team!!
(Apr 07, 2017)
NH Normal tonight**
(Apr 07, 2017)
9/10 NH Heroic!! Got Elisand down last night and Guldan to 7%. See everyone tonight for the farm raid EN Norm.
(Apr 06, 2017)
Q2 2017 Raid Info and Requirements added to the Raid forums for members.
(Apr 05, 2017)
7 bosses doen in NH Heroic last night. See everyone Thursday!
(Apr 04, 2017)
Have a safe trip!
(Apr 04, 2017)
Heading out on a road trip vacation for the next 2 weeks, so my web access will be limited.
(Mar 31, 2017)
Dont forget!1 Tonight is the guild wide Nighthold Normal Run. Make sure you signed up!
(Mar 31, 2017)
Thanks for maintaining the site Pink!!
(Mar 29, 2017)
So far the LFR version is promising.
(Mar 29, 2017)
7.2 wiped our raid last night with the new Super Mythic Trilliax boss in all versions of Nighthold lol. I saw where they claim to have fixed it today... We wills ee tonight! I got screenshots from last night ill get them posted this week.
(Mar 27, 2017)
NH heroic** *sigh* I must still be tired.
(Mar 27, 2017)
I susvived the stomache bug. Looking forward to seeing everyone Tuesday night for EN heroic. WE almost has spellblade last week 1%. Time to get 6/10
(Mar 03, 2017)
TOV tonight! If we can get enough on we will knock out Heroic!
(Feb 22, 2017)
I will get the raid logs and loot info for last nights Nighthold clear posted this evening. I lost internet about 15 min after raid last night.
(Feb 15, 2017)
First 3 of Nighthold Heroic down!
(Feb 12, 2017)
Nighthold Normal Complete!
(Feb 09, 2017)
Only have 10 as signed up and a few tentative.