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The Tavern

[Pinned] Tavern Raider Alliance

UPDATE: New version is now has unlimited invites with and does not expire.The Tavern Raider Alliance is now open for any Americas & Oceania Alliance characters.
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Classic Tavern

Viewing Classic Guild Bank

To view the Classic Guild Bank:TRBank
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Classic Tavern

WoW Classic Raid Day/Time

Post the Days and Time you are generally available to Raid. Also list the days you are confident you wont be able to make it.Can make Tuesday through Saturday. Need to be done near 11:00pm or earlier server time During the week on Weekends I am pr...
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Classic Tavern

WoW Classic Raid interest

Post your Toon name, Raiding Spec, Professions and Guild if you are interested in Raiding with us.Mendorr, Holy/Disc, Enchanter/Tailor, Tavern Raiders
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Classic Tavern

Friday Raiding?

Seems Noctua is looking to stick with a Friday Raid Schedule.Can we make that work? I don't have a time yet but will find out when they run.
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Classic Tavern

Thread for - stay of guild removal - ?

Hope I put this in the right place; its been a while since I used an actual forum and kind of takes me back a bit; I was asked to leave a thread on the forums a bit ago but have just now gotten around to it (I'm a bit forgetful) . So I wont be abl...
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Classic Tavern

Guild Bank

We are starting the guild bank! Bank Alt's name is Tavernvault. For the time being we will be using to help us track the Guild Bank. Use this link to join in
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Classic Tavern

We have a Guild Tabard!!

Yup - We got us a tabard!! Big thinks to Gorrin for fronting us the 10 gold to get this done.You can buy your guild tabard in any capital city.
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WOW Addons

What Addons are you using for Classic?

Here are the top 5 addons I'm using. What are yours?1. Questie Just about the best addon to have starting at at level one.2. TomTomYour personal navigation assistant in WOW3. SellJunkBag space is limited, money is tight, sell that junk every cha...
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Classic Tavern


Just verifying tool tips still work..Classic Item - The 1 RingClassic Quest - Wanted: "Hogger"
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Classic Tavern

Discord Tavern Raiders for Classic WOW

Please log into our Discord channel : e6979wM
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The Venerable Tavern

BBcode Editor

Here are some tips and tricks on using the BBcode Editor.
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The Venerable Tavern

Tavern Raider Alliance Channel - Retail Servers

The Tavern Raider Alliance is now available to any Alliance character on any Americas & Oceania server.All you need is this code : 743nBpTkkVAdditional info and instruction HERE
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The Tavern

Sandstone Drake-Mats to get if you want one

I can now make a Sandstone Drake if you want one. This is one of the few mounts that allows one passenger to ride with you. Here's the list of the mats needed: Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vail (Purchased) 8 Sands of Time (Purchased) 12 Truegold (Al...
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The Tavern

FATBOSS BiteSize Guide - Normal & Heroic BiteSize Emerald Nightmare

Two Minute Guide for Each Emerald Nightmare Boss Nythendra of Nightmare Renferal https://www.yo...
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The Tavern

How to Tank for Dummies: Paladin 7.0 Guide

Starting to work on my Paladin Pinkington as Protection, so I'm just going to put this here to watch later.
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The Tavern

Star Citizen

Hey JP, are you still looking into SC, it says you have been inactive for 10 months. I think I am the only one active there at the moment. They have held several concept sales the latest and current is the Vanguard. It looks like a melding of a P3...
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The Tavern


I've basically deleted all of the default setup forums in order to streamline our communication.The Tavern forum is a multi-chapter forum, and most others will be dedicated to individual chapters as needed.Please let me know if you would like to h...
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