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Here are the top 5 addons I'm using. What are yours?

1. Questie
Just about the best addon to have starting at at level one.

2. TomTom
Your personal navigation assistant in WOW

3. SellJunk
Bag space is limited, money is tight, sell that junk every chance you get.

4. Elkano's BuffBars
It's good to know the name of all this buffs & debuffs your getting.

5. Guild Roster Manager
This guild is large and soon to be huge, this helps manage it. Still in the setup phase. Provides lots of info at any guild rank.

Others include Deadly Boss Mods (DBM), Bagnon, Bartender4

** Some of these links might point to the Retail (WOW 8.2) Version. be sure to verify that your getting the version compatible with Classic.
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Here are some that I am using:

  1. Better Vendor Price - display the vendor price for items in the tooltip
  2. Details - DPS meter
  3. Elvui - the ultimate in customizable ui addons
  4. Extended Character stats - additional information like MP5, Crit%, Hit%, etc
  5. RealMobHealth - tracks mobs health as you kill them and displays that information in tooltips etc
  6. Titan Panel - customizable information bars at the top and bottom of the screen.
  7. Weak Auras - Useful for tracking resources and cooldowns
  8. Trade Skill Master - powerful crafting and auctioning addon (caution: not for the faint of heart)
  9. Leatrix Plus - Quality of life addon with features like blocking duels, auto vendoring grays and repairing at vendors
  10. ClassicThreatMeter - Current threat meter I'm using
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